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Welcome to the UCES scenarios! The stories continue here. You can follow the adventures of Billy, Bobby, Cindy and Candy as they travel through space and time in their Time Machine, or drift off into the worlds of Katy's dreams.

Tighten your seat belts, and make sure your restraints are fastened correctly because this coaster is headed for the lift hill!

The Lighthouse of Alexandria created by Katatude (EAN)
Luna Park, Cleveland created by Aetherwave
Mount Vesuvius created by Katatude (EAN)
My Sandbox created by Katatude (EAN)
Niagara Falls/Gorge created by Katatude (EAN)
Rocky Mt. Miner created by Squid, buckone & Fossil
The Time Machine created by Katatude (EAN)
Tower of Babel created by Fossil
Transformation created by Fossil
Urbis Incognitus created by Kaffe
Beneath the Christmas Tree by Katatude (EAN)
Bigrock Blast by rbarclay/buckone
Camp Mockingbird created by Katatude (EAN)
Choo-Choo Town created by Fossil
Dragon Islands created by Fossil
Kiddie Karnival II created by Piehead & Fossil
Sand Dune created by rbarclay