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Katy had barely closed her eyes when a tiny hand gently nudged her awake. "Quickly, Katy, we need your help!" an impish visage above her urgently whispered.

She sat up with a start and was face to face with a short little elf, floating no more than a few inches above her pillows.

"Who are you?" Katy asked, rubbing the not-yet-sleep from her eyes.

"My name is Teenie Blue Beanie. Lleuwlyn sent me. She said you could help us." With that, the little elf took Katy's hand in his and, to her wonder and amazement they floated over to Katy's bedroom window, which flew open! A breeze billowed the curtains in and snowflakes fluttered into the room.

Katy was wide-awake now. "Teddy!" she exclaimed.

In an instant, Teddy took flight too, and he grabbed Katy's free hand.

"We have to hurry!" the elf said and they all took to air, flying high above the house and into the clouds. "We are far behind. It's almost Christmas and Winter Wonderland isn't ready. There was so much snow this year!"

They floated through the air, as in a dream. Then the clouds cleared, and Katy saw some lights in the distance as they fluttered down. Elves were scurrying around working on a beautiful little village that was under a large Christmas tree. The train had already been set up, but there was a lot of work to do!

"Christmas Village will provide the money that Santa needs to build the toys and games for next year's Christmas. Without this village, there won't be a Christmas next year!"

"Well, Teddy," she said. "We have to help Santa!"