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"Let's turn the dial the other way this time," suggested Billy.

"The future?" exclaimed Cindy and Candy together.

"Sure," said Billy, "Why not?" The whirring and crackling of the Time Machine filled the cockpit.

When the Time Machine came to a halt, the time travelers opened the hatch and looked at a dark sky. The air was somehow different. The glint of black glass structures beckoned them forwards. As they approached, the deep-throated hum of very large industrial machinery got louder.

"Do you really think we should build a park here?" asked Cindy.

Bobby could barely hear her over the machinery. "Look - look at the sign!" Above them, on what looked like the entrance to a strange world was the sign.

Candy read it aloud. "Some Things Change."

"Well, that's the answer. I couldn't think of a better change than some good rides," said Bobby.

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