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"What does this button do?" asked Cindy. She was looking at a big red button on the Time Machine’s control panel.

The travelers were seated in the cockpit, as the Time Machine revved up. The force field around it was expanding.

"Dr. Loopster said he wasn’t sure if it would work, but it was okay to try it," said Billy. "Let’s see what happens."

Candy anxiously said, "Try it? Couldn’t it be dangerous?" Just then Billy pushed the button and the force field gave a purple glow. In moments it subsided.

The time travelers looked at each other for a moment, then gasped. "Look at us!" cried Candy. "We all look like we’re four years old."

"I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t keep the button pressed any longer," said Billy.

Little Bobby said in a now child-like voice, "Dr. Loopster was right. We’ve returned to our childhood." He struggled, and was barely able to open the cockpit, which was much too large for him. "Come on everybody! There’s a sandbox out here. Let’s play sandbox!"

Notes from Katatude:
"Based on the actual sandbox I had as a child. I used the Time Machine to take me to my childhood and a happy memory."