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Chapter One

During the "Dot-com" era, when they first starting using deodorant, Billy and Bobby Basic got a taste of entrepreneurship. "Basic Nerds Dot Com," their shareware venture, rode the wave of technology excitement. They remembered those good times fondly...

"So what do you boys want for your birthday this year?" their father asked.

"Gee dad, we could really use a T-3 Internet connection," said Billy.

"Yes," agreed Bobby, "and we need about six more servers, too."

"Dad…DAD!" exclaimed Billy worriedly as the boys' father fell flat onto the carpet.

"Don't worry," their mother told them as she rushed to revive him. "It's just sticker shock - he looks at the expense side of things." Their mom did the accounting, so as usual, she knew best and the boys got their upgrades.

Later, when they were getting lots of clicks, mom was right again, and fortunately the boys followed her advice - sort of - when they partially cashed out, selling the majority portion of "Basic Nerds" to a venture capital fund well before the crash.

These days the boys spend many of their Saturdays at a nearby theme park, often accompanied by their friends Cindy and Candy Cobol, who not only didn't mind the boys' nerdiness, but often encouraged it. The boys agreed that spending Saturdays with Cindy, Candy and coasters was almost as much fun as programming shareware computer games.

"You know, I was thinking," said Billy as he took a big bite out of a slice of pizza. The group was enjoying the view of the coasters from a food court overlooking a fountain.

"You're always thinking," interrupted Candy, smiling brightly.

Cindy and Bobby rolled their eyes, as Billy continued speaking - with his mouth full - "Whausr thiyx prk nedx…" He stopped and continued chewing.

Everybody giggled.

He swallowed, guzzled down his cold drink and tried again, "What this park needs is something new, exciting and different."

"Right," said Bobby, "How about a game where people can throw eggs at you. That would be really popular." There was a loud slurping sound as Bobby finished the last drops of his lemonade through a straw.

Billy ignored his brother. "No, I mean something totally different."

Cindy looked her sister. They always knew when the boys were up to something. "OK, Billy Basic," she said. "What is it this time?"

Billy had stuffed the rest of the pizza into his mouth and mumbled something unintelligible. He finished his drink and let out a big burp. "One more ride, then let's go," he said as he stood up, grinning mischievously. The group hurriedly finished their last bites, and followed him towards the park's biggest coaster.


Chapter Two

"OK, Billy, what's your idea," said Bobby.

The boys had dropped Cindy and Candy off, and made a beeline to their computers. Girls are fun, but a guy has to keep his priorities straight.

"I remember seeing this web site that I thought was totally bogus, but now I'm not sure," replied Billy. He clicked through a few pages, and frowned. Click, click, click…. "Ah! Got it!" he said.

The page was filled with equations. Both boys studied them carefully. "Do you see any flaws," asked Billy.

"The formulas look OK," replied Bobby, "But I'm not sure about the assumptions."

"Me neither. Let's ask Dad."

Their father was relaxing in the living room with the newspaper when the boys ran into the room. "Hey Dad," shouted Billy, jumping up and down excitedly. "Take a look at this!"

"Yeah," said Bobby. "It's awesome."

"Calm down, boys," said their father. "Let's see what you've got."

He studied the printout carefully. The boys were very quiet. He looked at it for a long time, and then put the paper down in his lap. "Where did you get this?" he asked in a voice so low it was almost a whisper. His face looked pale.

"Billy found it on a site on the Internet," said Bobby. "The site was no big deal."

"No big deal?" said their father. "No big deal?" he repeated, louder this time. "It's a very big deal. Do you know boys know what this is?"

"Well, sure," said Billy. "The paper describes the physics of time travel."

"Right," said Bobby. "And I was working on a parts list of things we need to build a Time Machine." He handed his father the list.

His father looked at the list, and mentally started adding up the cost. He fell flat onto the carpet.

"Hey mom," shouted Bobby. "Can you come here a minute?"


Chapter Three

"Well, Dr. Basic, " Professor Loopster looked at Billy and Bobby's father, then nodded towards the boys and smiled ever so slightly, "and sons." He looked back towards Dr. Basic and continued, "I'm not surprised you found me. You were one of the best at the lab."

They walked down a quiet path. The early evening air was still.

"It was a great loss when you left," said Dr. Basic, "and a great mystery. No one had the slightest idea why - and you left in such a hurry. We were in shock. I have to admit when I saw your time travel paper I went into shock again."

Professor Loopster refilled his pipe and seemed deep in thought. "So you want to build a Time Machine and put it here? You would make this into an amusement park?"

"Theme park," said Billy. He was about to expand on this point, but a look from his father quieted him.

"That's right," said Dr. Basic. We believe that time travel could be promoted as entertainment, but would be a great educational experience, too." He knew Professor Loopster well enough to know that this would interest him. "We would build your time machine and surround it with rides and other attractions. This will, we believe, give us our best chance to expose thousands - maybe even millions - of people to history and literally bring it to life."

Professor Loopster took a puff on his pipe while he considered their idea. The pipe tobacco was aromatic, almost fragrant in the evening air. "Fascinating," he said at last.

Dr. Basic knew that this meant, 'yes, and the sooner the better.' "We'll get right to work, he said."

Pleasantries were exchanged all around as they bade Professor Loopster good evening.

Once they were in the car, Bobby spoke up. "I don't know why they call him a mad scientist. He wasn't mad at all - he seemed friendly to me!"


Chapter Four

"All right!" said Bobby. "The last piece." He mopped the sweat from his brow. The afternoon sun beat down on them. He gave his brother a "high-five."

"I would rather have a cold drinks machine than a time machine right now," said Cindy.

"Me too!" said Candy.

"Hey, no problem," said Billy, grinning. "Just a second, I'll be right back." He jogged over to their car, and returned with a small cooler filled with ice cold drinks, much to the relief and thanks of the group.

Halfway through her drink, Candy wondered aloud, "OK, so you've got a Time Machine. So now what."

Bobby answered, "Now we need to find a world-class park builder. Someone who is really, really great."

"Right," echoed Billy. We want to do more than build a park here. We want our park builder to travel through time with us and bring fun and excitement to people in every time and every place!"

Cindy and Candy gasped slightly. They looked at each other. Cindy whispered to Candy, who nodded in response. Then Cindy quietly asked, "May we come too?"


Hey you! Yes you! You're a world-class park builder, right? Then let's go! Join Billy, Bobby, Cindy and Candy on their amazing adventures through time and space, and help them bring fun and excitement everywhere they go!

Enter the Time Machine...