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Katy felt something wet on her face and put her hand toward her cheek. Her hand met that 'something wet,' the pebble-grained tongue of a pink and orange dinosaur! She sat up abruptly.

"Hi Katy, this is Digger. He's my pal," came a boy's voice. At first Katy thought the dinosaur was talking, until she noticed a boy riding on the dinosaur's back.

"I'm Ledo from Bigrock," he continued. "I think Digger likes you."

Katy looked around. Her bed was in the middle of a jungle forest!

"Where am I?" she cried.

"Climb aboard Digger and I'll show you" Ledo instructed. Digger lowered his head. As she slid down Digger's neck, Katy got her first glimpse of a beautiful prehistoric forest.

"This is Bigrock," Ledo said. "Well, this is Bigrock forest. Bigrock itself is over there." Katy looked over the treetops where he pointed. "A few years ago the mine collapsed from an explosion at the quarry and ever since, we've been struggling to rebuild. Only the drive-in theater still draws a crowd, but these days it's all reruns. We desperately need something new." He sighed.

All of sudden, Katy had a vision of Bigrock coming to life. Happy people! New rides! Katy wondered if she was still dreaming.

Digger nuzzled her and gave a friendly lick. No, she really was awake.