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Katy had the sneaking suspicion she was dreaming even before the pelican began talking to her. She'd been napping on the beach, lying on her towel under a big umbrella.

The bird tilted its head to one side. "Hello!" it said.

"Hello?" she ventured, watching the bird. The bird glanced around, then back at Katy.

The bird tilted its head again, but remained silent.

"Hello," she said again. "Did you want something?"

The bird flapped its wings, "I can't remember."

Katy stood up from her beach towel and walked over to the bird.

"Did Lleuwlyn send you?"

"That's it!" the bird exclaimed, flapping again. "Follow me!" And with a speed Katy never suspected, the pelican went flying up the sand dunes.

She followed as fast as her legs could carry her, chasing after the bird, and soon found herself standing at the edge of a beachside park.

"Why, it's a beautiful park," she panted, out of breath from running. "They don't need my help."

"The park doesn't, but the dunes do," the pelican answered. "There are plans to expand the park, but it needs to be done without disturbing our nesting grounds." The bird nodded its head up and down, seeming to agree with itself.

Katy remembered her favorite spot on the beach, knowing she wouldn't want anything to ruin it. "Don't worry, we can have plenty of fun without harming the beach. But I'm going to need my pail and shovel," she said with a smile.