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"Hey Cindy, let’s go swimming!" said Bobby.

"Now I know you’re crazy," she replied.

"Am not!" he said.

"Are too!" she said.

"Dee two," snickered Billy.

"Ewwww," the sisters said together.

"Well, it’s not like I want to roll over the falls in a barrel," said Bobby.

"Right," said Billy. "It would be a lot more fun to build a barrel roll over the falls."

Notes from Katatude:
"Niagara Falls and Gorge about 1850. The Niagara frontier played an important role in the French & Indian war and the underground railroad. Battles were fought here, but by 1850, farming was a main industry. Tunnels led behind the falls and under the Niagara River as escaped slaves made their way to freedom. Many of these tunnels have fallen as the falls make their way upstream. (In 25,000 years, the falls will have entirely disappeared.) (!)"