We would like to thank all the people in the RCT2 community who generously permitted us to use their work in this project. Your creative energy, dedication to the game, and generosity provided a tremendous boost to this project.

We have made a substantial effort to identify the authors of all the objects that we used. If we have overlooked anyone, please let us know so we can correct this list.

Dr J. and the amazing Object Editor
Jmanderson (ja227)
Lightkeeper's RCT Depot
Meine Klein Farm (Lady Croft)
Rohn Starr
RCT Depot (HawkHawk, Chuck_S, OSUDenny, Ilgmk, StoogeCat)
RCT Fun (Mama Bear, Jo, Charlene, Maurine)
Shellbe76's RCT Page
TMK's RCT 2 Junk
Villa Volta Website (English)
Volcano: the Lair
Indy Jones
Steve's RCT Scenery
G-Force created the "Tilting Seats" ride, available on this thread
RollerCoasterFreak created the "Wild West Museum" ride available on this thread
Amazing Earl (objects and UCES exclusive custom ride)

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